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Who Choose E2 Metal Roofs in Nashville


Most of the roofs that we install are shingle roofing, but metal roofs in Nashville are also a good option for the following reasons:

  1. metal roofing contractor jacksonvilleThey last longer than shingle roofs
  2. They are moss and fungus resistant
  3. They are more durable than shingle roofs
  4. They are proven to last two to three times longer than asphalt roofs
  5. They reflect heat from the sun
  6. They are animal and pest-proof
  7. They are fire retardant

Metal roofs are usually a higher up-front cost, but end up being far superior to your traditional shingle roofing product. If you know you will only be living in your home short-term, then you may want to go with shingle roofing, but if you are in your “forever home”, a metal roof is probably the best choice for you. Its longevity and low maintenance make it a great option.