Roof Insurance Claim Assistance in East Nashville

Filing an insurance claim for your roof can be intimidating.  As a preferred vendor for many insurance companies, we are here to help you through the process from start to finish of your roof’s repairs or replacement.

Our process for insurance claims is outlined below:

  • Homeowner calls and requests a free inspection of their roof.
  • E2 Roofing representative inspects the roof, identifies areas of damage, and completes an estimate for the roof’s repair or replacement.
  • The homeowner signs a work authorization with E2 Roofing, which allows E2 to assist with the insurance claim process.
  • If the roof is damaged and water is intruding into the home, E2 Roofing will install a tarp to prevent further damage to the interior of the home.
  • The homeowner files a claim with the insurance company and provides E2  with the contact information of the field adjuster and their claim number.
  • E2 Roofing will coordinate with the field adjuster to meet at the home and perform a joint inspection, pointing out previously identified damage and assisting with any questions he/she has.
  • The homeowner’s insurance company reviews the claim and E2’s estimate and provides a statement of loss to the homeowner.  This is then provided to E2 to schedule the roof for repairs or replacement.  E2 stays in contact with the insurance company to ensure expedited processing of the claim and all questions are answered in a timely manner.
  • E2 representative conducts a follow-up meeting with the homeowner to select roofing material colors and review options and financials of the project.  At this same meeting, the deductible is collected.
  • Your repairs or roof replacement is scheduled and at the completion, you will pay the balance of your claim with the check sent to you from your insurance company.
  • Once the roof passes the final inspection and meets your satisfaction, you will sign your Certificate of Satisfaction and E2 Roofing will submit any supplemental costs to your insurance company for payment.
  • Warranty information is sent to the homeowner at the conclusion of the project and at this point, it is highly encouraged that this information is provided to the insurance company as a new roof often results in decreased insurance premiums!


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